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19.12.2016, 11:25

Camera is a Sony fs5

08.02.2016, 20:29

@DerFreddy2 The best ones from H&M haha, the Divided ones, suuuper strechy

28.11.2015, 00:02

@holgero should be available on youtube now:

20.11.2015, 17:41

@Holgero Unfortunately not, have some problems with the copyright on the music.

20.11.2015, 17:40

Thanks @holgero. Just plugged in my Røde Video Mic, pretty cheap and delivers some good sound.

04.11.2015, 22:52

Allright my German skills are not the strongest, but kind of seems like you would like to know what I did.
I put up my camera on a tripod filming with my 4k camera. 4k is a bigger image than 1080p. This allows me to put the 4k image into a 1080p project and therefore I have a lot of image to pan and zoom in, without necessarily loosing too much of the quality.
This takes a lot of practice to make the pictures look smooth, but in the end it can look almost like somebody else filmed it. One thing that you might be able to see is, that event though the the image is moving the perspective still does not change.

22.10.2015, 09:50

I used my Panasonic FZ1000