Hutchinson United Ride // World Cups # 2 & 3

Sometime you win sometime you loose...

Race week end in Val Di Sole is over! It has been a rough week end for everyone.
Unfortunatly Tim broke his collarbone on Friday during practice, he went back to South Africa to get a surgery, we all wish him a quick recovery and can't wait to see him on a bike again. Apart from that everyone was having a good time on this dusty steep track and in he hot sun of Val Di Sole.
Saturday, it's qualification time. Guillaume and Fabien crashed and didn't make it into the 80th, but Fabien being 19th overall he is a protected rider, he's still qualified. Mick had an average run and qualified 23nd. Tracey crashed pretty hard in the fastest section of the track and qualified 8th.

Sunday morning, pressure is on for the finals. Tracey was on a good run until she crashed on this really technical track, she finished at 9th place. She's now 2nd overall! Fabien was struggling with arm pumped issues and finished 75th. Mick ended up at the 32th position with few mistakes in his run, he's now 6th overall.

It's the first hard week end for the team this year, we know it's part of racing and we are already looking forward to Fort William where we will try to get back our team leader rank.
Thanks to all the staff for the hard work and thanks to all our partners for the support.
After 3 days in the sun, rainy sunday is finally over. Only one week after a rough weekend in Val Di Sole we were in Fort William, Scotland for the 3rd round of World Cup.

Everything was starting pretty well on Friday practice, everyone was feeling fast, only problem, Couscous and Tracey were struggling with arm pump. On qualifying day Mick had a solid run and ended up in 12th position, looking good for the finals. Fab and Tracey were still having trouble with their arms and qualified respectively 71th and 5th. We were a bit worried about Guillaume, he did not finish his run, we knew he crashed hard but we had no news of him until he arrived at the pits, full of dust, a few bruises but nothing to bad. He didn't qualify.

On finals day rain and fog joined the party. In men's category Fabien came 57th, pretty honorable with his arm issues, then Mick crossed the finish line in 15th position. The race was pretty hard for Tracey's arms and she finished her run in 6th position.
The team is still in 5th position overall, next world cup is in Mont Saint Anne, Canada.

This weekend has been a good step forward for us in terms of results and no one got injured. We stay motivated with a good spirit and we gonna stay on this path for the next races.
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#1 numb87 profil 12.06.2012, 16:25
schönes video!
#2 detlefracing profil 12.06.2012, 18:01
ja schön gemacht .
#3 Christopher1713 profil 12.06.2012, 19:20
gefällt .
#4 fishbone121 profil 12.06.2012, 20:56
woher ham die das riesen Nutella Glas verdammt?
#5 jatschek profil 12.06.2012, 20:59
Gutes Video, sehr sympathische Truppe.

Ich mag den neuen Trend das alle regelmäßig Teamvideos rausbringen. Weiter so .
#6 Freeloader profil 12.06.2012, 21:54
ist mal wieder super.

Wieso gibts vision eg hier noch nicht?!

#7 Thomas profil 13.06.2012, 08:32
Maxi bei 0:20 im IBC Shirt .

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Maxi profil
Worldcup 2012
12.06.2012 um 16:01 Uhr
5:32 min
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